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COZO - Sacred geometry and Islamic inspired lighting, jewelry, and clothing for the soul.

Overview of COZO

COZO store is hosted on Shopify platform and the account name is The theme name used by the store is District [Afterpay 10\/23\/19]. The domain name of the store is The language of COZO store is English and the store collects payments in USD currency. By Alexa's traffic estimates placed at 1,479,684 position over the world.

COZO Promo Codes & Deals

Products for Sale on COZO

Portal Table Light - Gold

Portal Pendant Light

Quest Necklace

Flower of Life Tank - Grey Print

Women's Flower of Life Racerback Tank - Black Print

Further Contact Pendant Light

Sharjah Table Light - Gold

Vortex Table Light - Gold

Vortex Pendant Light - Gold

Further Contact Table Light

Flower of Life Dodecahedron Table Light

Dillon Forte Dodecahedron Table Light - Gold

Galaxy Earrings

Flower of Life Cuff Bracelet

Galaxy Necklace

Flower of Life T-Shirt - Grey Print

Hexagon Grid T-Shirt - Grey Print

Rhombi T-Shirt - Grey Print

Escher T-Shirt - Grey Print

Flower of Life T-Shirt - Black Print

Rhombi T-Shirt - Black Print

Hexagon Grid T-Shirt - Black Print

Escher T-Shirt - Black Print

Connectivity T-Shirt - Black Print

Connectivity T-Shirt - Grey Print

Quest T-Shirt - Black Print

HyperCube T-Shirt

Quest T-Shirt - Grey Print

Lionheart Cuff Bracelet

Replacement Parts

Supernova Earrings

Ibiza Earrings

Gift Card


Escher Table Light - Gold

Cosmos Table Light - Large - Gold

HYBYCOZO DODI Table Light - Large - Gold

Flow Pendant Light - Large - Gold

Phosphorescence Pendant Light - Large - Gold

Nevicata Light - Large - Gold

Cosmos Pendant Light - Large - Gold

HYBYCOZO DODI Pendant Light - Large - Gold

Flow Table Light - Large - Gold

Phosphorescence Table Light - Large - Gold

Sharjah Pendant Light - Gold

Escher Pendant Light - Gold

Coloring Pages

GAELLE Pendant Light - Large

GAELLE Table Light - Large

DAHLIA Pendant Light

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