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Overview of Oji South Africa

Oji South Africa store is hosted on Shopify platform and the account name is japanese-excellents.myshopify.com. The theme name used by the store is Expanse EDIT. The domain name of the store is ojishop.com. The language of Oji South Africa store is English and the store collects payments in ZAR currency. By Alexa's traffic estimates ojishop.com placed at 1,196,048 position over the world.

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Products for Sale on Oji South Africa

Shiseido GINZA TOKYO Expert Sun Protector Face&Body Lotion SPF50+ 50ml

Kokuyo Tack Memo

Magnet Inc. Candy Marker Highlighter

Shunkoen Origami Tung Box Chiyogami Set - 100 Sheets

Kokuyo Hochikisu Needleless Stapler

Kokuyo Punyo Punyo Safety Push Pin - Pack of 10

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Die Cut Sticky Notes - Set of 3

Kokosasu Beverly CS-138 Sticky Notes

OHTO Minimo Ballpoint Pen with Holder

Pilot Frixion Point Knock 04 - 8 Color Set

Uni Mitsubishi Multifunction Jetstream 2&1 Pen/Pencil - 0.5mm

Sunstar Piri-it!

Pentel Brush Pen - Medium Character XFL2L - Black

Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush - 36 Color set

Kokuyo Beetle Tip Dual Color Highlighter - Set of 3

Pokemon Plamo Collection Quick!! 01 Pikachu

Jujutsu Kaisen Megumi Fushiguro Cosplay Costume

Shinobu Kocho Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Cosplay Costume

Raymay Bendable Book Light - Lightman Animals

'+d Kaze Guru Ma Pinwheel Magnet - Pack of 3

Akashiya Watercolor Brush Pen - 30 Color Set

Lululun Facial Mask - Trial Set of 3

Bikkura Tamago Pokemon Bath Bomb - 5 Ball Set

Apagard M-Plus Whitening Toothpaste - 60g

Fino Premium Touch Serum Hair Oil - 70 ml

Karoyan Progres EX O - 120mL

Curél Intensive Moisture Facial Cream - 40g

Biore Skin Care Facial Cleanser, Rich Moisture - 130 g

Marumiya Gomasio Furikake Rice Seasoning - 46g

Marumiya Tarako Furikake Rice Seasoning - 28g

S&B Melting Dry Curry - 180g

Nissin Cup noodles - Original

Nissin Cup noodles - Seafood

Meiji Fruit Gummy Candies - Grape - 51g

Morihan Organic Uji Matcha - 30g

Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate - 50g bar

Glico Pocky Chocolate - 70g

Poifull Gummy Candies - 53g

Kasugai Tsubu Gummy Candies - Soda Flavours - 85g

Bourbon Fettuccine Gummy Pink Lemonade Flavor - 50g

Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Candies - 38g

Kanro Candemina Super Best Gummies - 72g

Calbee Potato Crisps - Lightly Salted - 60g

ITO EN Oi-Ocha Uji Matcha - 30g

Kanro Puré Gummy Candies - Grape - 56g

Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen Noodles Soup (5 Pack)

Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen Noodles Soup (5 Pack)

House of Foods Vermont Curry Medium Spicy - 230g

Glico Premium Juku Japanese Curry Roux (Medium) - 160g

Nagatanien Otona No Furikake Mini#2 Rice Seasoning - 5 Flavour Packs

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