Sister Jane

London-based womenswear label. Vintage-inspired accessible design with a high-end look & feel.

Overview of Sister Jane

Sister Jane store is hosted on Shopify platform and the account name is The theme name used by the store is XMAS SALE WEEK 2. The domain name of the store is The language of Sister Jane store is English and the store collects payments in GBP currency. By Alexa's traffic estimates placed at 44,473 position over the world, while the largest amount of its visitors comes from Japan, where it takes 6,257 place.

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Products for Sale on Sister Jane

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Vanity Pencil Dress

<b> Ghospell</b> Piece Together Asymmetric Maxi Skirt

Marmee Tweed Midi Skirt

Dance Floor Shoulder Tie Blouse

Fondue Jacquard Bow Blazer

Fondue Jacquard Belted Trousers

Canape Pleated Maxi Dress

Star Burst Sequin Blouse

<b>DREAM</b> Gilda Jacquard Midi Dress

<b>DREAM</b> Gilda Jacquard Puff Sleeve Blouse

<b>DREAM</b> Lindy Hop Tweed Mini Skirt

Josephine Jacquard Mini Dress

Good Time Girls Double Breasted Blazer

Rosy Knees Tweed Confetti Dress

Bubblegum Tweed Bucket Hat

Waltzer Tweed Jacket

Waltzer Tweed Cami Top

Attraction Check Peg Trousers

Fond Memories Belted Midi Dress

Ferris Wheel Midi Dress

Grand Stand Bow Shirt

Skate Ruffle Blouse

Somersault Jacquard Mini Dress

Somersault Jacquard Pleated Skirt

Sweet Servings Jumpsuit

Like Old Times Midi Dress

Merry-go-round Mini Dress

Giggle Gingham Face Covering

Fun and Frolics Face Covering

<b>DREAM</b> Teddy Tweed Sleeveless Cardigan

<b>DREAM</b> Wonderland Tapestry Jacket

<b>DREAM</b> Wonderland Tapestry Cropped Top

<b>DREAM</b> Wonderland Tapestry Tapered Trousers

<b>DREAM</b> Wonderland Tapestry Mini Dress

<b>DREAM</b> Candy Floss Mini Dress

<b>DREAM</b> Cloud Jacquard Midi Skirt

<b>DREAM</b> Cloud Jacquard Cropped Top

<b>DREAM</b> Cloud Jacquard Midi Dress

<b>DREAM</b> Fantasy Floral Smocked Top

<b>DREAM</b> Fantasy Floral Midi Wrap Dress

<b>DREAM</b> Hoopla Jacquard Tailored Shorts

<b>DREAM</b> Popcorn Tweed Midi Dress

<b>DREAM</b> Roller Gingham Mini Dress

<b>Ghospell</b> Definition Faux Leather Trousers

<b>Ghospell</b> Coral Sands Mini Dress

<b>DREAM</b> Honeyed Jacquard Jacket

<b>DREAM</b> Honeyed Jacquard Midi Skirt

<b>DREAM</b> Sparkle Seed Jacquard Trousers

<b>DREAM</b> Sparkle Seed Jacquard Top

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